I just wrote a pretty detailed post about my web 2.0 theory of : if I’m not a good user, than I’m an idiot for paying for services like MobileMe and iWeb. You are not reading it though…because the free WordPress app crashed and I not only lost at article but completely lost my connection to my free blog.

My main thrust was that I don’t use them productively enough and therefore should be using free alternatives. But I forgot one major reason to use them: reliability.

If you pay for a product or a service you expect (and generally receive) a higher quality of product and service. Plus, if it is inferior you can complain and expect some type of restitution through free support, refunds, and replacement products. Free services are free because they do not have these supports.

I know that iWeb will work, that MobileMe is reliable, and that the Apple provided services generally work well AND that fixes based in user complaints are taken seriously.

I’ll need to rethink switching over to WordPress full time.

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