I’m Semi-Pro

I play enough basketball now a days that I can officially call myself “semipro”.

I usually play about 10.5 hours each week (give or take 39 minutes) – plus an additional 3 hours of weightlifting (which is a recent inclusion). A couple of things that I’ve observed:

1. I’ve reached a plateau in my skill level. I have begun to think intentionally about how to better my skills. Some ideas are playing with stronger players (I’m already doing that), building in more shot practicing time (coz I don’t have a strong outside game) and watching the “Better Basketball” series with Jermaine O’Neil (don’t laugh – it’s quite good)

2. My body is starting to reject me. I am in constant pain in my knees. I used to use painkillers before half of my games but I was getting concerned about that so I’ve stopped. Right now I’m just living with the pain. My body is also rejecting me as I don’t seem to be losing weight anymore. I’m hoping that my weight gain has been because of muscle growth as I don’t feel heavier. I have noticed that some clothes fit differently since the beginning of summer – but than again, others feel the same or better. I’m watching my calorie intake a bit more now.

3. I’m loving the camaraderie of my games. I’ve been very intentional about mixing up my weekly games so that I have several types of games each week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are full court games with several seasoned ball players. All of them have played competitively somewhere and have a large age range. Tuesday is a lunch hour game with younger guys who are quite competitive but we play on a short court. Thursday is a full court co-ed game that is more about the cardio of covering the large court with 4 people per team. Wednesday night is either a competitive, co-ed league game at the Jack Simpson or 3 hours of hack-a-Shaq ball at the YMCA with generally inexperienced players. What it loses in quality it makes up in quantity. Each group is a different group of friends and I love that my monkey sphere is so huge.

I’m hoping that I make some huge gains physically this fall with this schedule. I think if I can take a super serious approach to food and supplements that I’ll have a new body by Jan. After all, you can’t be semi-pro without embodying all things sexy.

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