I’m Watching You…but do you know me?

I know that Amazon is watching me.  Everytime I log into my Amazon account there is whole slew of new recommendations for me – that they “just know” I’ll want to purchase.

Sure…some are easy.  Like when I purchased Jim Krause’s “Type Idea Index” I was recommended every single Krause, turtleback binded design book they could locate.   That was a no-brainer.

But how do they know some of the other things about my reading preferences.   How do they suggest books by author’s I had never even heard of at the time – only to have them become key author’s in my current stable of books.  I had never heard of Zizek, De Botton, or Beuchner prior to Amazon doing their yoda tricks on my library.  Creepy!!

However…all that being said…I think I’ve turned the page with Amazon.  Lately I have rarely been shocked by recommendations.  The new author to suggest well has basically run dry and I’m getting many older books by previously purchased author’s suggested.

I’m also starting to question Amazon’s assessment of my character.  Sometimes I pick up one book on  whim…or for a joke…or to disguise some secret sexual perversion (you can make that call however you wish) and the next thing I know I’m inundated with dozens of books around the same theme/topic.  I recently purchased “Swinging for Beginners” (no comment) and ever since then I’ve been recommended every single book written in the past 10 years about deviant and non-traditional sexual preferences and arrangements.

If you need a good book on “making a three-way successful”, “the introduction of bondage into sexual play” or “loving the female orgasm” than I can hook you up.

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