New Year Round-up

As with every other single blog in the world – here’s my obligatory New Year’s post.  I’ll try not to be too lame or long-winded.

The Best of 2010…

new experience… the men’s executive change-room at the YMCA

album… The Dudes “Blood Guts Bruises Cuts”

book… “Other” by Kester Brewin

exhibition… Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief at the Glenbow Museum

team moment… celebrating our mediocre performance in the U of C Intramural basketball league

television…  Madmen

show… Laura Leif’s farewell show on Nose Hill at midnight

theatre… “Munsch Ado About Nothing” at the Chemainus Theatre

sport… committing to working out and basketball practice daily

travel… family vacation to Vancouver Island

work moment… Local Library gets established

family moment… swimming together in a perfect spot on Kennedy Lake on Vancouver Island

change… moving into a new position at work

craziest moment… a dozen flabongos, draining a keg, an all night party and 8am softball

surprising moment… Local Library winning FFWD best all age’s space (2010) and Local Library winning the Telus Arts Award for Innovation in Community Outreach (2010)

Inspiring new person… Eric Moschopedis

Maybe I’ll add more as i think about this – but this is a good start.

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