My Personality Type

A while back I took the MBTI personality test – it came up with the result that I am an INTP.  INTP: Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking Perceiving.

This is basically that dude who sits around by himself and thinks shit up.  Tending to be analytical and thoughtful, reserved & quiet and often has difficulty with people.

At the time I thought this personality type fit me but in the last few weeks I’ve been doubting.  I went away for a quiet week in the mountains thinking that I was gonna love being alone with my thoughts to work on stuff but I quickly found myself bored stiff, completely useless in work/planning, and craving (and I mean craving) to be around people.

This was huge for me coz I’ve kinda built a lot of my personality around the whole: “Hey, I’m an introvert.  It’s not that I don’t like you…I don’t like anyone.”

But…yeah…I’m not that anymore.  I don’t think that I’ve changed so much as I got it wrong a couple years ago.  I remember now that when I did this first MBTI test I was just laid off and was in a generally stressful and freaked out situation.  I was unemployed, in debt, and had a new child recently born.  I guess…under stress, I have a tendency to withdraw and hate people just a little bit.

So what am I?? An ENTP.

Not a huge shock for those who know me… in fact, I kinda fit the profile to a tee:

  • I have a lively circle of friends (more acquaintances most)
  • I’m constantly thinking of new ways to do things..but have trouble actually completing anything
  • Despite my protestations to the fact…I love being the centre of attention
  • I’m a non-conformist with a quick, dirty sense of humour
  • I tend to bond quickly and deeply…than move on
  • And I still get to dislike “touchy feely” stuff and keep my thinking inside.
  • Oh yeah…I lead with my gut than tend to find facts that support my gut.

Pretty good summary of who I am.  Creepy…but accurate.  Now…what to do with this new found perspective !?!

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