Things I Hate & Love


People who talk about their denominations as their “tribe” – it’s the same hierarchical circle jerk that it’s always been

Starbucks.  No amount of free wifi will change my opinion

TheologyPubs. They just ruin a good drunk!

Fake smiles from people who really just want to say ‘fuck off’

Unoriginal content that is passed off as original content

Feeling like I have to ride my bike coz it’s the hip or green thing to do

“Green” and pretty much all of its connotations

Collecting images and quotes and realizing that awesomeness requires work

The standard sigh of emotionally retarded people who watch rom-coms, have grandchildren or love “Jesus Moments” (sounds like… “tsk..ahh”)

Unacknowledged hypocrisy in others – that shit burns my eyes and ears to be around

Sweat pants.  They just never work.

Minor league celebrities who take glamour shots of themselves for books, cd’s, etc that try to make themselves look all hip and badass.

Great indie music that sells themselves to beer, tech or clothing commercials

Hobbies that become work

People who are just caricatures of someone else

Love applied inconsistently

The word “offline”.  It’s just a pretentious ways of saying, “The information I have is too important for you to hear.”

Hash. But it doesn’t love me back.

Any number of Christian catchphrases like: burden, weight, bless them/their hearts, passion, I’ll pray for you & God is good.  Plus about 100 other words that sit like dollops of puke in my mouth.

Trying to get equal columns on WordPress


Ballsy people who do awesome shit without ever making a spectacle of themselves – I truly wish I could be more like them

Weeds Coffee Shop. It may be the closest I’ll come to “King of Kensington ever again

Real Irish Pubs. 4 different spaces for 4 different reasons to drink

Saying ‘fuck off’ to people with a fake smile

Original content. heck, I’ll even take a remix if I can get it

Riding my bike but not feeling like i have to 24/7 – I love my Jeep too!

“Black” and pretty much all of its connotations

Collecting images and quotes with a plan to create something awesome

The sarcastic laugh or roll of the eyes when someone says something completely prickish or saccharine

When I find hypocrisy in myself – that shit burns but it’ll only make me stronger

Short Shorts. It really doesn’t matter on who coz it’s always entertaining

No logo or image required.  People who are so hip or badass that they refuse to be photographed or logoized.

Great indie music that challenges me

Finding ridiculous new hobbies that spin me around but never require me to actually commit to doing anything consistently

Truly original people who have overcome the caricature phase

Hate applied indiscriminately

The word “co-op”.  It should be our greatest cultural aspiration

Hash.  But it doesn’t love me back

Any number of the 7 words you cannot say on television: shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker & tits.  Plus about a dozen other words that George Carlin didn’t include.

Not really caring all that much if my columns line up coz, “Shit – who reads this anyway?”

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