Evangelist or PUA?? Part 1

This week I’ve been giving a lot of thought about one topic in particular… women. Specifically – how to pick up women!

Maybe it’s because my wife is out of town, maybe I’m feeling a little sexually stressed, or maybe I’m having one of those “ideas coming together moments.”  When I’m out with friends and feeling relaxed I tend to be the guy who flirts with everyone.  It’s just my thing – I’ve kinda always been that way.  I never follow through with any of my flirtations because I am happily married and hopefully my wife can attest that I flirt with her the most.  Nevertheless, when “I’m on” I have no problem getting conversations started, phone numbers handed out, or veiled sexual advances.

Since I’m interested in this I picked up the book “Click: The Magic of Instant Connections” by Rom and Ori Brafman.  I read their earlier book, “The Starfish and the Spider” and I wasn’t too impressed but I wanted to give them a second chance.

This book writes about those quick-set intimacy moments and/or people who just seem to make instant and powerful connections with others.  It looks at why this happens and more specifically – can these encounters been created or encouraged by changes in how we act, think and present ourselves to others.

As I was reading this book I kept getting sidetrack by thoughts about Evangelism.  How so many of the techniques and observations that these guys make are generally marks of good evangelists (whether they be of the religious variety or the business-type like Guy Kawasaki).  Reading peoples emotions, quantity of similarities, safe environments, and more all add up to powerful cues for intimacy and fast friendships.

The other thing that couldn’t be shaken was…man, this could really help a guy pick up women!!  Then it hit me – the Evangelist is simply a Pick-Up Artist (PUA)!

Evangelists and PUA’s use the same skill set, the same natural or manufactured charm, the same passion and energy and the same use of the environment to meet, befriend and woo people.  PUA’s do it all in order to have a person fuck them…Evangelists do it so that people want to fuck Jesus.  That maybe crass but think about the real purpose of picking up people and the language behind how Christians talk about Jesus, for example: Christ is “my best friend”, “my intimate friend”, “my everything”, “my lifechanger”, “Christ makes me complete”, “My love for Christ never ends”, “he fills me up in ways I’ve never known possible”.  If that doesn’t sound like someone who needs to get laid by Jesus than I don’t know what else it could mean.

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