Transvestites Galour!!

The only way to follow up a Halloween post that references Michael Myers and The Rocky Horror Picture show is… more transvestites!

Ironically enough there is a transgendered connection between the films which I didn’t mention yesterday. Obviously Rocky Horror has a strong transvestite flavour to it but there is a Hollywood rumour that Jamie Lee Curtis (the female lead in Halloween) is actually an intersexual person (born with both male and female sexual anatomy).

Anyway, trivia aside – when I think of Dr. Frank N’ Furter and the midnights showings of Rocky Horror I always wonder if I’d ever have the balls to dress up as the good doctor at one of the showing.  Wait for the segue…

You know who does have a big set of executive transvestite balls – Eddie Izzard!

This guy is amazing!  Not only is Eddie a fantastic actor and stand up comedian but he also is marathon runner, political advisor, and social activist. All of this an a public transvestite (or has he’s been known to call himself “executive transvestite”, “male lesbian”, and “male tomboy”.

Eddie has completely come out with publicly with his personal preferences in clothing, gender identity and sexuality.  He describes himself as “straight transvestite/male lesbian” who chooses to wear whatever he wants whenever he wants.  He has been speaking publicly about his lifestyle since 1992 and he has been able to succeed in the entertainment industry without becoming a niche performer or a pornstar.

Here’s a small sample of the depth of character that Eddie can pull off:

Eddie Izzard in 2003 doing standup

Eddie Izzard in "Treasure Island" (2012)

His comedy ranges from current events to sexuality and even into world history and language.  He is the only stand up comedian who regularly brings historical comedy into use (citing that there is just so much available) and he’s even been dubbed, “The Missing Python” (in light of his similarity to the iconic comedian of Monty Python’s Flying Circus).

He is the most fantastic dude in the world!

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