God Bears All

Okay…i loved this picture and couldn’t lead with this picture and not have it referenced in the title somewhere.  This post has nothing to do with bears (don’t be disappointed) but it does have to do with shit that comes out of the church.

Saturday I was doing a little online searching for a church to take the family to on Sunday.  We skipped church last weekend and needed to find a new place for Sunday.  I spent about an hour looking at websites for local church plants (as this week is scheduled for new churches) and I was completely amazed by the shitty stuff that was written, blogged, posted and lumped together about these churches.

If I hear another pre-madonna, faux-hawk wearing 40+ hipster (which, by the way, is way too far out of the hipster demographic) pastor (or community architect, or social entrepreneur, or whatever) talk about community, “doing life together”, “being relevant”, or “starting a movement” – I’m gonna have a movement myself: of shit coming out my ass or puke flying out my mouth!

Everything is just so self-righteous and masturbatory it isn’t funny!!  There has been an ecclesiastical hard-on for church planting for about 20 years because “statistics show that it is the most effective method of evangelism.” YET – the overall population that self-identifies as Christian is diminishing and overall church attendance is plummeting across denominations.  SOOOO – new churches are growing because pissed off people from established churches are leaving, hopping around – OR – narcissistic leaders want something that tickles their personal fancy and convince others to join them.

I would LOVE to actually see a new church that isn’t full of self-importance.  Either they are carbon copies of the Acts29/Resurgence template, the Willow Creek template, or they have a pseudo- intellectual arrogance of an ancient/future mashup.  Either way – they have an air of superiority, entitlement and piss-head-ism (my word) that compels it forward.  Not that established churches don’t have problems…but at least their problems aren’t typically hubris, but rather apathy.

Rather than continue to rant, I’ll post some great church photo fails that warmed my heart.  Maybe I’ll try to parse my frustration a bit more in a couple days when I’m not so riled up.

Wait for it...

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