Movember Confession

Whenever Movember comes around I hum and haw about participating. I hate hair…specifically body hair. It’s itching, smelling, gross and collects sweat in disgusting pockets. I hate hair with growing antagonism as my receding hairline has decided to spite my head.

Suffice it to say – I have little body hair and I shave accordingly. Movember however presents a challenge: do I grow hair to raise awareness for men’s cancers or do I continue my regimen of shaving? This year I have decided to let my beard grow out.

It is not some altruistic reason though. I’m not fundraising and actually helping the cause – I’m doing it because I’m curious about my beard growing ability.

I came to shaving late – as a fair haired Canadian boy and even though I’m in my 30ish range I still doubt my ability to grow a respectable beard. I can do a great mustache and neck beard but, last I remember, my sideburns and cheeks were still pretty bare.

I’ll post my results (with pic) at the end of the month – assuming I have something to be proud of.

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