Man I Miss These Guys!!

When I saw this old poster for the Natural Law Party, I was brought right back to my grade 10 Social Studies Class with Mr. Pat Law.  He used to make each student write reports on each of the parties running in the Federal Election.

Normally this wouldn’t intrigue me so much but in the 1993 election, Much Music was doing a series of live debates with all of the parties leaders.  When Neil Paterson, of the Natural Law Party of Canada, came on I thought that I had been transported to another dimension full of esoteric wing nuts and glue sniffing karma-ites.

For those who don’t remember that great party platform of the Natural Law Party of Canada was the Yogic Flying, which was part of the Transcendental Meditation that they believed was poised to correct all the problems in Canadian society.  Yogic Flying is a technique introduced by Maharashi Yogi to bring bliss and world peace through “hopping, floating and flying”.  It has since been discredited as a hoax (really?) and most practitioners downplay the early reports of actual flight. Here’s a National Geographic video about Yogic Flying:

I miss this crazy-ass federal party.  Between the strong-armed approach of the Conservatives, the ingrown focus of the Liberals, and the rudderless NDP – maybe a little peaceful meditation and flying above the fray would be welcomed.

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1 Response to Man I Miss These Guys!!

  1. andrea clarkson says:

    i love this article—- i remember! the comic book!!!!!!!!

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