Hope of the Novel – Amateurism

I don’t really know what else to say in regards to amateurism that I haven’t already said in one of the associated posts or that hasn’t been said better by someone else.  The truth of the matter is: we equate amateurism with lower quality and inferior results.  This simply is not the case.  We are culturally conditioned to have this bias and to seek out our own forms of professionalism that meet our vocations, needs and lifestyle.

This is no different in how we create and relate to words, language, novels and story.  We believe the successful published writer must be of great value and prestige that the unpublished writer.  We believe that the greater the mass appeal of an author – the greater their ability to create worlds of story for us to enter.  These assumptions are not true.

I’d like to suggest the reader download and read the pdf essay: We think: Why Mass Creativity is the Next Big Thing by Charles Leadbeater.  I found this essay a few years ago and read it in one sitting.  I was blown away.  I didn’t know Charles Leadbeater from any other dude on the subway but what he wrote made sense.  The general premise of this essay is amateurism in all professions is not a liability but is the cutting edge of innovation and creativity that will propel that field (and society as a whole) forward.  An unedited copy of this essay is available through the website: www.wethinkthebook.net or through following the links above.

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