Lame Ass Post


I’m just gonna throw this lame ass post up this morning. I’ve been doing a great job at making sure I have daily content on this blog – but this morning I don’t really have a little post or mini-essay to share.

I have a few in the works – let me give you a sample list:

– Canadian Council of the Arts has pretty interesting definitions for various degrees of artistry. I found this interesting and shocking that many grants are not eligible for “pre-professional” artists…what the hell is pre-professional? Well, we’ll learn about that.

– I’m working on a vocational manifesto…coz that’s super bad ass. I’m heading back to work from my sabbatical in 6 days and I thought, “What better way to compile all my learning and thinking over the past 3 months?” Manifesto Swagger!!

– I’ve been sitting on a few posts about my theory of generational organizational growth.

– Some thoughts about advertising and sports – as well as coaching children’s sports leagues.

Anyway…i’m getting back to my manifesto of awesomeness.

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