Back at work

I’ve returned to work from my sabbatical (3 1/2 months) and I’m trying my best to feel everything out.  I’ve felt super busy the past two days but I’m sure that it’s just a bit of velocitization.

So without getting too involved – coz I need to focus on work now – here’s a quick snapshot of the varied job I have (less than 10 hours back):

– two counselling conversations with a recovering addicts
– one brief meeting with my boss
– three quick check-in’s with my support staff
– two conversations/counselling/babysitting of addicts in our building
– some redesigning of office (my windows were renovated during the sabbatical and office was still in disarray when I arrived back)
– some significant dusting (three months is a long time)
– one grant application for our artist collective
– one walkthrough and meeting with a theatre company
– two conversations with other arts-based groups using our facility
– some website design and updating (much more to come)
– going through over 525 emails (roughly 400-425 were spam or past dated)
– several cups of coffee
– two Girl Guide cookies and a single, tasty Swedish Berry.

Here’s a pic of my “command centre” of which I am “master & commander” 

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