Quick Little Sub-Post

I wasn’t planning on writing about this but I couldn’t help it.

I just sat down at the computer to put together today’s post and I noticed that my spam comments filter had a tonne of new comments in it.  I checked it out and found the all of the comments were from the same bot and all came to my website from the same post…yesterday’s post “Back at Work”.

The comments were all from a website that promote porn and beer.  What?? What does me going back to work have to do with that?  Then I realized – in the post I wrote the word “addiction”.  As you may remember from an earlier post entitled “Porn and Recovery”, I found that internet bots, search engines, and spammers have keyed into the “A” word in order to push spam advertisements on people.  I found it incredibly unethical then and I’m even more amazed at the thoroughness of these crap marketers to invade every corner of the internet.


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