Creep Out

After my last game of the basketball season our team when out for beers and food at a pub.  I was excited that most everyone came, especially those teammates who don’t usually come out.  One teammate was a girl who I’ll call, “Foot-in-mouth”.

Now Foot-in-Mouth is a teacher.  She teaches with other teammates at a Catholic school. At one point during our meal they began talking school talk and turned to the topic of one co-worker who they all found a little creepy.  This co-worker, now called “Creepy Karl”, had an especially weird way of creeping out female co-workers.  Now – when a catholic says someone is a creep you have to pay attention…but when a catholic school teacher says this you are expecting Freddie Kruger dressed up like John Wayne Gacy wearing a Pope’s hat.

So why was he so creepy? First, he would talk about how is faith is so important to him.  This was particularly distressing because they taught at a CATHOLIC school…who wants to hear about your faith at a Catholic school.

Secondly, he invited a female co-worker and her spouse to come over for dinner one night to meet his family.  My friend – the invited co-worker – found this unnerving.  Why would he do this?  He doesn’t really know me?  He’s never met my husband.  He’s creepy.  That must be why he’s called Creep Karl.

I questioned her about her dislike of this man.  I found her reasons kinda petty.  When she realized that I wasn’t in the “in-Mouth” family she threw out one last charge against him.

She said:
“Well come on.  He had three kids before he was 30!!  Nobody does that!!”

I had 3 kids before I was thirty.

So – Mrs. Foot-in-Mouth, you’re co-worker isn’t creepy however, you are a bit odd.

Plus – here’s how you really creep someone out

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