The Quirkiness of Fate or Why Worry?

Work hard. Apply your craft. Be diligent. Be practical.  These – and many other – adages are banded about to motivate and encourage people in the pursuit of their dreams and goals.

Get Lucky. Win the Lottery. Right Place Right Time. Finding a Unicorn.  These phrases and notions are also out there…but we usually say them or think them with a tinge of irony and jadedness in our minds.  We know that “Sure…this could happen? But come on…don’t bank on it.”

When I think about Harrison Ford’s path to stardom (and many many other aspiring actors, musicians, writers…heck, any profession really!!!) I’m reminded about the randomness of life.  There are thousands and thousands of competent, good looking, articulate and dependable actors in Hollywood…but Harrison Ford catches the big break. There are hundreds of thousands of strong musicians and lyricists who play at home, with their kids, in cover bands, in churches and in dingy bars than didn’t the luck of draw like The Beatles or Aerosmith or whomever.

Malcolm Gladwell talks about the Outliers who ply their craft for 10,000 hours in order to be excellent at something – but even they are subject to fate and luck.  We don’t like it. We don’t want to think that this is how the world really works…but it often is.  Circumstance.  Luck.  Right Place @ Right Time.  These things allow the prepared person to shine.

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