Finding the Cute Kitten

I took on the personal challenge this fall to blog daily.  I typically will try to get a short, relatively well rounded post out by 10:30am each morning.  I’ll write 2-3 posts at a time and have them scheduled to be published so that I don’t forget each morning.  I have no expectations for hitting it big or getting a book contract out of this.  I do however feel that generating some content and semi-formed thoughts is a good discipline to get into.

I heard an interview with a dude who was celebrating his 3000th post on his blog.  From these 3000 posts (several years of writing) he was proud to announce a grand total of 250 comments.  He was quick to add that these were mostly from family.  He was very stoic in how he reflected on this “unsuccessful blog” – highlighting the personal growth as a writer rather than viral sensation.

Compare that to “Fibromy-Awesome”, written by Mary, which according to her mom, “Just went viral”.  Fibromy-Awesome had a post a couple days ago called “15 Things White Girls Love to Do on Facebook”, coupled with marquee promotion on the WordPress site, and the average comments when from a handful to thousands in one day!!  She didn’t anticipate it but believes that saying “White Girls” did it.

I have a friend (not a close friend) who’s also trying to capitalize on the quirks of internet promotion and media.  He’s working on some music and youtube video series and in order to generate more interest they’ve named their band, “Cuttest Kitten Ever”.  By doing so, they hope to get a bigger traffic buzz – as well as operate with their tongue planted in cheek.  It works though.  When I googled “cutestkittenever” they had the top search find.

It really can be entirely random can’t it…but, a little targeted marketing can also work wonders.

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