Take Your Kids to Work Day

It’s not take you’re kids to work day.  But I do sometimes have fears about this day.

I enjoy my job but I don’t have an inflated view of what my job actually accomplishes.  On my best days I bring hope, encouragement and well-being to people…on my worst days I feel like an extra Allen Key in the latest IKEA bookshelf flatpack.  I do worry about what will happen when a “take your kid to work day” occurs: will my kids find value in my job? will they have some sense that my vocation is meaningful?

Okay, I should’t let my vocational significance rest in the minds of kids who – quite frankly – would think that the greatest job would be to work at Dairy Queen or Toy’s R Us but I still want them to be proud of me.  Some jobs do naturally lend themselves to greater respect and childhood daydreaming than what many of us do.

I do find this a motivating though as I seek to make my best vocational decisions and as I strive to succeed at my current job… focusing on things that are important and meaningful.  And heck, at least I’m not this guy having to rationalize his job!!

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