Lethbridge – Bad nostalgia

I’ve been away the past couple of days in my hometown of Lethbridge.  It’s a great little city (86,000 people) but when I moved away from it nearly 16 years ago I really haven’t looked back.

I was chatting with some family last night and we were just reminiscing about old homes, weird neighbours and odd situations and something crazy was brought up.  I was nearly abducted!!

When I was in elementary school I used to walk about 15 blocks to my grandmother’s house after school.  11 of those blocks were with a group of other kids but the final 4 blocks were by myself.  Apparently, one afternoon on this last stretch of the walk I man pulled up beside me in his car and asked me to get in.  I refused.  Then he tried to grab me and pull me in.  I struggled and got away – running directly to my grandmother’s.  Shortly after arriving there the police showed up and began questioning me about this incident.

I don’t remember this ever happening.  My grandmother has a vivid memory of this event and described in detail how I remember some elements of the near abduction while others parts I struggled with.  She said that a neighbour saw part of the situation and was the one who called the police.  She said it was only her and I home with the police.

This messed me up!!  First off, because I was nearly stolen and God knows what would’ve happened to me.  Secondly though, how could I have no recollection of this happening!?!  I would’ve been somewhere between Kindergarden and Grade 4 (so 4-8 years old).

At first I couldn’t believe it but when I take the time to think about Lethbridge I realize how little I actually remember.  I had a trouble childhood and teen years so when I moved away I basically took on a whole knew personality and history and started fresh.  Apparently too fresh. I have trouble recalling things from high school let alone elementary school.  Anyway, I’m realizing now that not all the memories coming flying back to me will be good ones…this freaks me out.

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