Men’s Hygiene

Men are not known to have the best hygienic practices of the sexes.  We are generally stinky, dirty and rarely ever scrub behind our ears.  This isn’t too bad if we lived hermetically sealed in our own bubbles but unfortunately we do not.

There have been many efforts to get men to increase their general cleanliness in regards to our bathroom etiquette.  We don’t always hit the toilet bowls or urinals.  Nor do we have the best practices of hand washing and sterilizing.  Ingenious designers have revamped some washrooms to make them more “man friendly” by adding quirky additions to their urinals.  Rather than trying to compel men through warnings of germ transfer these designers have appealed much more basic male urges: egoism and sexuality.  Absolutely perfect!!

These are sooo much better than little television screens with the game scores or the ever-present pin up girls on a cork board that plague nearly every local pub.

There is a new development though in men’s washroom fixtures that takes the cake.  This is vastly superior to any lip urinals or ogling wallpaper women that are just as out of a guy’s league in their sticky backed, 2D forms.

These hand washing stations are AMAZING!!!  If this doesn’t remind a guy to wash his hands after doing his business than nothing will.  That being said though – I hope that no one gets too close and makes all the other dude uncomfortable.

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