My Boy My Man

My four year old son is becoming a man…a ladies man.  I’ve really noticed it this weekend.  During commercials that have attractive women on them he says, “oh my oh my”.  He also has a quirky little grin when a good looking woman says hello to him.

We were at Tim Horton’s this weekend and the Tim’s lady took a shine to him.  She made sure that he had extra chocolate titbits in his box and even snuck him a chocolate milk.  As we were walking home I asked him what he thought of that.  He didn’t answer.  I said, “Hey man.  Where you giving her a little wink?”.  He replied, “Oh…no way dad!!”  I asked him if I could share what happened with his mom and he quickly said, “No.  This is between us.”  My Man!!

By the way:  Here is a handy tip sheet on winking etiquette.  This has been invaluable to me over the years as I am a “winker” and have been since college.


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