Worst Dad Ever?

I could “officially” be the worst dad ever after last night.  My boy, who’s been begging me to wrestle with him for days finally convinced me to go to the mattresses while his big sisters played a board game with mom.

We headed upstairs to the squared-circle (mom and dad’s big bed) and began to wrestle.  Now…when he was little he was content to just be pushed over…over and over again. But as he’s aged he wants a more aggressive wrestling with top turnbuckle elbow drops and diamond cutters but he’s just not ready for that yet.  He still gets whiny and whimpery while we wrestle I try to find the right balance.

So last night I decided it would be fun to put him in a pillow case.  I have this long body pillow that would be a great fit for him so I tried to wrap him upside of it as a finishing move.  He was not a big fan of this!!  Because he’s been whinier than usual I didn’t take his screams and tears as anything new until his mom came from downstairs and reminded me that “no means no”.  I begrudgingly took him out of the pillowcase (as he as half way in at this point).  He still claimed that he liked this game but his deep red, tear stained cheeks betrayed his fear.

I calmed him down and we stopped wrestling.  I apologized (kind of).  I still kinda felt, “Dude…you need to toughen up a bit” but I didn’t say that.

After dodging guilt-inducing leers from my wife all evening and deflecting his renewed pleas to wrestle more (“Daddy – it’s okay…you can put me the pillow case!!”) I settling down for quiet night of reading, NHL 2012 hockey and cold beer.  At about 1:30am I was rustled from my old man sleep on my big brown chair (Late night movies always get the best of me) by screams and crying from my boy’s room.

I dragged my lazy ass upstairs expecting a nosebleed or a request for the lights to be left on but that would only be too welcomed.  I sat on the edge of his bed and while he was still in his sleepy/dreamy/foggy mode he cried out, “Daddy…Daddy no.  I don’t want to be the sleeping bag!!”.

I’m officially the worst dad ever!!

All my trite apologizes were forgotten and I went into full-mode damage control to soothe my little man’s fears.  I promised (and I meant it) to never put him in a bag again (quite an odd thing to have to promise in the light of day huh?).  He settled down and fell back asleep.  This morning – completely no recollection of the event and still adamant at breakfast that he “loved” being the sleeping bag.

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