The Skinny on Men’s Body Hair

Really? Men’s body hair? How does this topic come up?

Surprisingly enough I have had many conversations with people about men’s body hair and what is common and uncommon.  I’ve become a fountain of inquiry because of my own shaving habits which friends and teammates have noticed.  Also, since I’ve become a gym rat over the past year I’ve grown quite familiar with what is happening for dudes in the ol’ hair removal department.

Much like women – the trend has been a growing choice to become hairless.  While some men go the laser hair removal route…I think that the majority of men who do remove parts (or all) of their body hair still prefer the shaving route.

You’d be absolutely surprised about the high number of men who shave selected areas of their bodies.  Here is my unofficial, anecdotal, and somewhat creepy breakdown based on observational data (I’m not a gym troll I swear!!):

  • 20-30% of guys shave their genital area (usually completely cleaned up)
  • 15-20% of guys shave their chest/stomach
  • 10-15% of guys shave their backs
  • 5-7% of guys shave their armpits
  • 5-7% of guys shave their legs
  • 0% of guys shave their arms

These are really my best estimates but generally I’ve been surprised that there are far more people doing this than you’d expect and that the numbers seem to be growing.

Now…etiquette wise – You never shave any region other then your face/head while at the gym!! This is a huge gym faux pas.  I’ve seen some guys trim up their chest hair…not cool. As soon as you feel the need to do some man-scaping than you need to book yourself a home spa day to trim up your junk.  Everybody knows how you like to keep your boys…but we don’t need to share that with the team.

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