Sex Ed – Posture and Arts & Crafts

I didn’t intend to follow up my anal sex post with more sex education stuff but I came across another image that speaks to the age old problem that occurs between men and women between the sheets..actually, usually above the sheets.

Ladies…please… this is the proper posture for doggy style.  If porn has taught us anything it should be this posture.  It really is for everyone’s benefit that this simple posture correction is paid attention to.

Speaking of Sex Ed – I’m super excited about a possibility that just came across my desk (get the joke…huh?? – funny eh?).  The Local Library been invited to host and participate in another artsy-crafty sex ed workshop.  A year ago (or so) we partnered with the Sexual Health Centre to host an evening of sex education activities which included “love” button making, sex ed talks and the infamous wooden dildo painting (“The Lightning Rod”!!!).  We’re in the initial stages of planning a second round of double penetrating arts and craft fun that pokes and prods at sexual taboos in order to promote safe sexual health.  It’ll be a menage a trois of activity that stimulates all the right places and playfully educates along the way.

Do you have any fun ideas of arts and crafty ways to talk about sex?  We are in just starting our craft idea brainstorming so please send any ideas that you may have my way!!

Innuendo is always welcome!!

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