What I Really Think

I have a public job.  I, in part, hold a trust to represent my organization in a positive and careful manner.  I am also a blogger and an opinionated person.  These things do not always come together well.

I remember at a previous place of public employment I bitched about a person that worked tangentially with – by bitched I mean, told it like it was (in my opinion).  This individual somehow was the one person who read my blog and called me on my public rip on his decision(s) and attitude.  At that time I fully apologized for publicly ripping him…but not for the content of my critique as I thought (and still think) it was valid.

Since that day I’ve been much more careful about what I write and who I write about.  I sometime change names or situations slightly to make sure to protect some folks.  I even took an extended amount of time off from blogging because I wasn’t sure if it was appropriate for me to blog in light of my public profile.

The reality of it – for me – is that even though I do represent a public organization I am a free citizen who is not a slave to his/her vocation.  I would never publicly call someone out again and cause that type of trauma to a person (or to myself) but I do think that I have every right to share my opinions and thoughts.  That being said, there are somethings that I feel I have to keep to myself in order to honour people, honour organizations/businesses and to avoid being “that guy” who takes a piss out of everyone but hides behind perceived anonymity.

I’ll back up everything that I ever write about on this blog and I have no concerns about how these posts may or may not affect someone’s perspective of my, my opinions and my values.  If I ever go too far… and I’m called on it (some sometimes I don’t realize where “too far” is) I’ll be very willing to consider my words and opinions and adjust if necessary.

So…fuck yeah!

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