Energy is Everywhere

Although I’m not a HUGE believer in the ideas of the “Butterfly Effect” or that there are energy chakra’s all around us in play…I am however open to that idea.  I’m that guy in our staff meetings that says things like, “We only have so much energy…is this where the best focus of our community energy should be?”

As I’ve shared in previous posts, I’m feeling a sense of “blahs” lately and that I’m just having some difficultly getting moving and finding focus.  This evening and morning I wanted to take time to identify and feel out reasons why this may be happening and it took about 5 minutes to realize that there is something new in my life that was sucking energy away from me.

I’m not really too keen on sharing what it is but in realizing that despite the fact that it didn’t actually take any “real time” off my day it was something that I was becoming overly focused on and that it was causing some psychic trauma in my life.  This morning I took clear steps to eliminate and/or reduce it’s influence so I’m very hopeful for what will develop over the course of this week.

I feel better already and I’m hoping that I identified the key energy drainer in my life.  There may be more (which will need to be tackled) but I think I found the main culprit and deal firmly with it.

And now…for some new posts that are a little less esoteric and vague!

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