Sexual Justice is Social Justice

“Social Justice” is phrase that conjures up images of impoverished families, emancipated children, ecological destruction and #occupy.  In some circles social justice connects to gender equality or LGTB issues but this generally doesn’t register at the same volume (albeit muted volume) within mainstream culture.  I’d suggest that the “average” person equates social justice to dealing with nearly everything before LGTB and gender issues.

I deeply believe that sexual justice is the a root to dealing with all forms of social justice.  I say this in the context that sexuality is something that is not an conceptual topic but rather the very essence of our humanity.  We are all sexual beings and thus – everything we do has it’s root in sexuality: gender, sexual expression, identity, family systems, personalism, body concept and all facets of relationships.  The communities, government systems, academic centres, workplaces and organizations are all made up on people who are embodying their sexuality in a myriad of ways that in turn are expressed in positive, negative, destructive or constructive ways each and every day.

Understanding our bodies, our gender,  and our socio-sexuality development is a key to all matters of social justice.  As we’ve attempted to classify normative sexuality we have in turn created (ab)normal sexuality — developing systems of oppression that feed these biases.  These systems of oppression appear in all theatres of our socio-political and cultural landscapes.

Beginning with the person – personalism – locating ultimate value in the person over and above systems and policies allows us to find unity, honouring diversity, and engaging the mystery of humanity at an complex and honest level.  We begin with “who we are” not “what we are”.  Theologian James B. Nelson shares:

When we experience that grace that pervades the heart of biblical faith, there grows a sense of personal security that releases us from the anxious need to punish those who seem sexually different from ourselves.  Then the issue becomes not sexual orientation as such, but rather whether, whatever our orientation, we can express our sexuality in life-giving ways.”

Sex-positivity is the full honouring of our created beings…made in the image of God who is also sex-positive!!  Sex-positivity is the beginning of sexual justice that embraces the whole person in their mystery, potential, Christlikeness and intrinsic value.

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