Arts and Crafts Sex Ed

A quick little follow up on a post from a few weeks ago.  We held our arts and crafts sex education workshop last weekend at it was great!!

We took time to make stain-glassed vaginas, made sex ed buttons, wrote valentine’s day poetry and painted wooden dildo’s (some were amazing designs of rocket ships, Super Mario World, starry nights – I painted mine like a dradle) for use in high school condom demonstrations.  There was a tonne of information available for teens and adults as well as safe sex kits for people to take home.

We also had a good response to our Q & A box – taking time in-between sets of a punk rock show to answer the questions. This was something that we said we were not going to do – worried that it would be too awkward or in your face – but the vibe was super interested and supportive so we changed the plan.

We had dozens and dozens of people come out, get some good information, have fun and lose some of their discomfort thinking and talking about their bodies and safer sex.  It was awesome (during the crafts time) to hear students say things like,

“Man I thought this was going to be weird but this is the only place that I think I could get into talking about sex.”

That is a huge win!

Thanks so much to Calgary Sexual Health for the great idea and the invitation to partner with you!

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