Another Kick-Ass Reason to Visit Montreal

I have no idea how I’ve never heard about this before today nor why I haven’t already explored this place the couple of brief visits I’ve had to Montreal but did you know that they have an UNDERGROUND city!!  That is fucking amazing!

Rather than a grungy connection of +15’s (like Calgary), Toronto’s underground PATH, or Edmonton’s tiny pedway’s – Montreal has a massive underground structure (one of the largest underground complex’s in the world) that features 32km of tunnels, access to nearly every building in downtown Montreal, the subway, bus terminals, shopping malls, the Bell Centre, McGill University, etc.  The underground city is used by an estimated 500,000 people each day.  This is freakin’ unbelievable!

It’s becoming much more apparent that a family vacation of Quebec is in order: Montreal, Quebec City, Lac Manicouagan… it just doesn’t end.  I wonder if I can score a dinner invite with Justin Trudeau??

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