Good Voodoo Tattoo-doo

I went out yesterday and got a new tattoo done.  I’m doing a larger piece on my right bicep/shoulder. The piece is a geometric pattern that represents my family.  I don’t really think much about it other than it’s something super colourful and something that represents each member of my family to me. Apparently though…I’m like a tattoo poster child in my shop.

I found out while getting this piece done that all of the artists in the shop really dig the design and the work.  They like it so much because it isn’t one of two things:

  1. Shitty Lettering – I was completely shocked to learn that about 60% of all tattoos done are lettering pieces.  You know…someone’s name, city, stupid saying, bible verse.  There is nothing that tattoo artists find more boring the letterings…especially family lettering
  2. It’s Abstract – They are all totally pumped that I’m not doing something predictable, lame and/or direct pictures of my family.  I have no lettering (see point #1) and I’m not trying to get my kids faces tattooed on my body.  They have apparently been trying to suggest to other customers that a symbolic tattoo would not only look more distinctive but would age better – using my work as an example of good design.

These thing totally gave me some super good tattoo voodoo yesterday… always a nice feeling.

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