Amazing Show at Art Gallery of Calgary

Hey YYC – this is an amazing time to go to the Art Gallery of Calgary and check out out an amazing exhibition by one of the most challenging and intriguing artists in Canada, Diana Thorneycroft.

Diana Thorneycroft is a Winnipeg-based photographer who subversively mixes traditional images/artwork with contemporary themes and objects.  The first awareness I had of her as an artist was with her “Group of Seven Awkward Moments” piece in which she photographed new images and objects overtop of the famous paintings of the “Group of Seven” Canadian artists.

Her new work, which opened at the Art Gallery of Calgary on Feb. 10, 2012 is “A People’s History” and it is also proving to be as deeply controversial and challenging as her previous works.  She uses her unique style and approach to offer the audience an uncomfortable glimpse to canadiana that were are unaccustomed to seeing.  Gone is our notion myth of safe, polite, compassionate and altruistic Canada; replaced by an honest look at instances of systemic evil and oppression that have equally marked Canadian history and culture.

This work is part of a larger curation at AGC that looks at Pop Surrealism in art.  Wonderful, wonderful and wonderful.

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