Not Everyone is Your Buddy

Here’s a little rant type post about something that I encounter a fair bit.  Since I’m around a lot of church folk and have been for many years I often hear little bits of Christianese that amuse me or get people’s opinion on Christian Kitsch from all over the place.

One thing that gets under my skin (probably because I’m a sarcastic hipster prick) is when people confuse Christian Kitsch with religious sarcasm.  Christian Kitsch is that quickly, shitty and so “horr-awfully” bad taste that Christians often have to art (paintings, furniture, trinkets, cozies…whatever).  This poor taste has always amazed me but has given me hours of fun pointing out the uninspired work of Thomas Kinkade paintings and the million pewter crosses that you can buy with inspirational scribblings on the back.

Religious sarcasm is completely different but when it also ironically looks at Christian art and/or cultural expression is gets confused.  Case in point: Buddy Christ.  There are sooooo many Christians who love Buddy Christ and his near equivalent Bobblehead Buddy Christ.  They find it wonderfully self-depricating as way to “prove” to the doubters that “Christians can have fun” are are not all “stick in the muds”.   However,  I’d challenge you that 99.9% of the Buddy Christ Christian folks have never seen “Dogma” – or, if they have, they probably never even got to George Carlin unveiling Buddy Christ.

Dogma is powerful film that challenges so much within organized religion, theology and culture that to find a weird allegiance to Buddy Christ – without a willingness to transparently deal with the content of Dogma is sheer craziness.  All and all – it’s just another – although literal – reiteration of “Catholicism WOW!”

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