Morning Pages

ResolutionThis is nothing new – and I guess it technically counts as a resolution – but I think I’d like to resume doing “morning pages” on this blog.

The concept of morning pages comes from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”.  The simple concept of starting each morning by writing a few morning pages as a way to stimulate your creative energy and imagination is a well used practice of many writings and creative artists.

I was recently reminded of this practice through a brief quote from Todd Babiak who commented that he wakes up “ridiculously early” to write before his family wakes up.  The Garneau BlockI’m currently reading Babiak’s “The Garneau Block” (which is quite good) so I was doing a  little author bio on the web and found this was his practice.  I’m hoping that this practice can be recovered in my life as part of my “Grand Project” (which I’ll write about more in the near future).  It shouldn’t be too difficult.  I used to wake up each morning at 5:00am to go to the gym but once my life exploded and I became “Mr. Mom” (more on that too I guess) this hasn’t been a regular practice.

So…here’s the resolution:

I will wake up each morning – ridiculously early – in order to write out some morning pages (probably on this blog) as part of a larger Grand Project for 2013.  

Whew… that sucked.

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