How I Anticipate School

I’m returning to post-secondary in just over one week.  After being a stay at home dad/student for the past year I have to enrol in a “real” full-time program in order to reach my goal of becoming an elementary school teacher.

Even though I’m not “super old” – I can’t shake the feeling that I’m much more like Billy Madison than I am “Van Wilder”.  I keep saying that my years away have given me great experience, careers and a family… yet I continually slip into a semi-nostalgic haze about how I viewed “super seniors” who were at university when I first attended in the mid/late 90’s.  Sure, part of me was impressed by their courage to try something new at their age (after all…they were 30), but I mostly fell back on snide comments about grandma’s and grandpa’s who asked redundant questions and couldn’t double click.

I hope that I’ve maintained the right balance of lived wisdom and unrelenting hipness that I don’t end up crying to a homemade mix tape and scribbling in my trapper keeper binder about how nobody seemed to dig my flannel shirt and Doc Marten 18 hole boots.

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