Major Life Decision

I’ve made a major life decision in the past month…I am no longer a coffee drinker!

It started while my life partner was away visiting family and I had no reason to continue brewing a full pot of coffee every morning.  At this point I was already drinking tea during the afternoons and evenings.

I started drinking tea because I was experiencing heartburn, irritability and upset stomach in the afternoons and the only culprit I could think of was coffee.  This first shift was positive but nothing incredible.

However, my full switch to tea has been excellent and with very little side-effects (I really just reduced my caffeine intake rather than eliminate it).  I haven’t experienced any cravings or withdrawals.  I haven’t struggled with irritability in the mornings or lack of focus.  Generally, everything really is humming along smoothly.

For Father’s day I was given a fancy loose leaf tea bodum and I have been brewing a variety of wonderful teas from Teaopia (Teavana) as well as some local blends picked up at the farmer market.  This has been a very positive life change!!

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Time to start writing again!

I’m been so incredibly occupied with school and family stuff that I haven’t found made the time to write on this blog.  A few occasional pictures on my tumblr feed has been all that I’ve been able to manage.

I’m hoping to being blogging regularly again.  I will not be able to maintain a blog post a day though.  I’m shooting for 1-2 posts per week.  I’ll still try to vary up the content rather than drone on and on about school.

Here’s hoping I can regain my discipline for posting.

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And I thought Crescent Hill in YYC was tough?

This hill/staircase is a monster climb!  As I think about how shitty this would be I know that there are a dozen boot camp freaks who are licking their meaty chops.

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Does anyone know Japanese?

I have to know what this advertisement is selling!!  I can only think of one product that this could be.  According to the ad there appear to be several uses but come on…who are are kidding?

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Happy Facebook IPO Day!!!

Here’s to you Facebook and your poking, liking, time lining, duck face profile pics and awkward photos!!

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This is what my life has become about…this week

This week’s major academic focus in my Health 200 class – Introduction to Health.  This was supposed to be my “gimme” class and it isn’t disappointing.

I’m not even officially allowed to start submitting work until May 1 but I’ve already completely 1/3 of the course.  My goal is to have everything finished by May 1 and book my mid-terms and final exams within the first 15 days of May.

Plus – know I can amaze and annoy my friends and family with random health facts.  Did you know that approximately 50% of all women will have an abortion once in their lives? Did you know that a characteristic of FASD is a thin upper lip and overly large space between the upper lip and the bottom of the nose?  Did you know that a rose pedal balm has been scientifically proven to stimulation sexual arousal in post-menapausal women?

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Me… on many Friday nights

I found this pick on tumblr and it really did capture how I often feel when I’m helping put on a Local Library show.  Not always mind you… but there is enough similarity that I realize I’m well within parenting mode nowadays that I just don’t value the 45 minutes of “lost time” between when the show was supposed to start and when it did.  I don’t quite get excited about hearing the newest song from an upcoming album.  That’s it… one night only.

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