Maybe…Maybe not?

Whoa…It’s been years.  I’m not sure if I have the energy or interest in using a blog anymore.  It is so 2000’s !?!  However,  summer is hear and I’m bored and I’m trying to get my legs underneath me again as a regular writer – so why not blog a starting point?

Things have changed significantly since my last post.  I finished my second round (or maybe third round) of post-secondary and have been gainfully employed in my new field since day one.  This has been a great comfort to my fluid bonded life partner.

My little ones have become teenagers and they are keeping me busy coaching and problem solving.  We are attempting a grand family journey in the next few weeks – no details I’m willing to share.

Okay – that’s my initial salvo.  Now to see if it has resurrected any desire to share more.

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